Go Kart Disc Brakes Overview

Here we show how to set up disc brakes on a go kart. Disc Brakes On A Go Kart Disc brakes are one of the most popular brakes for a go kart. In this episode, Robert gives us the what for on how these brakes actually work and why they are good for karts. All […]

Go Kart Hydraulic Brakes Setup

Go Kart Hydraulic Brakes Setup

Here we show how to set up hydraulic brakes on your go karts. Setting up Go Kart Hydraulic Brakes When setting up your go-kart, you need to hydraulic braking systems are a great choice to increase stopping power on larger carts. In this episode of two minute tech, Robert gives us an overview on how […]

Go Kart Front End Assembly

Go Kart Front End Setup

In this video Robert Dicken shows how to set up the front end of your go kart. Go Kart Front End Assembly Learn all about go kart front end assembly with this episode of 2-minute tech with our host Robert. The front end is where all the components come together for steering and conrolling your […]

Centrifugal Clutch and Torque Converters

In this video we discuss the merits of centrifugal clutches vs torque converters. How to Decide On Your Go Kart Clutch System Deciding on the clutch system for your go kart is one of the more important choices in your power train setup. Your choice is essentially between a centrifugal clutch or a torque converter. […]

Go Kart Torque Converter Overview

Here we discuss the aspects of using a torque converter on your cart. Go Kart Torque Converter Setup I this episode of SpiderCarts 2-minute tech videos, Robert Dicken talks about how to do a go kart torque converter setup. Torque converters can be used on any of our go kart plans, but are mainly used […]

Go Kart Rear Axle Setup

How to set up the rear axle on your go kart. Rear Axle Setup for a Go Kart In this version of two minute tech, we again have Robert Dicken explaining how to set up the rear components of your go kart. The rear axle of your go kart needs to receive the main gearing, […]