Recluse Go Kart Plans

  • Recluse Go Kart Plans

The Recluse is a great all around kart with wonderful opportunities for customization. Designed to be stretched or shrunk to fit your needs, this is a fantastic design that produces a low weight, killer fast kart!

Spidercarts Most Popular Design. We released it 8 years ago and it remains one of our top selling designs. The design of the Recluse is so easy to build its silly. Our duplicate parts method makes it easy for the builder to make parts he is familiar with instead of relearning for each part. We made it with mostly one type of metal to make it easy on the builder. Make one trip to the supply store and you are half way there. With very small adjustments to the design you can extend it to fit your body size… Its designed to be easily modified for size!

Plan designs and samples
We are proud to offer a top selection of go kart plans and designs you can use to build yourself a great go kart frame and killer kart. We’ve engaged the top go kart designers to create radical go kart frame designs that you can build at home. But at the end of the day, we want you to have the joy of building a go kart. Our custom go kart plans help you do that:

    • Each set of detailed Go Kart Plans shows how to build your own go kart with simple easy steps
    • We’ve included a Go Kart parts lists and resources on where to buy the best go kart parts
    • We’ve created a great set of tips for working in the shop and info on the best tools to use
    • Fully Compatible PDF plans will work on PC or Mac
    • Diagrams and Instructions
    • Full Color Photos of Final Product
    • All Measurements and Material Lists
    • Acrobat allows for easy printing to take out to the shop
    • Access to our 2 Minute Go Kart Tek Videos explain go kart basics
    • A Free Copy of our Go Kart Spedometer building kit
    • A Free Copy of our Beginner’s Guide to Welding is included with every purchase
    • A Free Copy of our Quick-Jack plans
    • Instant Download to get up and working NOW!
Our plans help you get started off to a great go kart project and stay on track. Check out the sample pages below:

Note these are selected sample pages from different plans — just a small taste of what you get!  Click to download some PDF samples! Most plans 50-70 pages long!

These plans are provided in PDF format, which works on every computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux! They come with a list of all the parts needed and a resource page with vendors where the parts can be purchased. All of the parts are priced in the plans so you know where you are in budget. They include the the specifications, angles, metal used, and different techniques to make your own go kart frame. Each part has its own layout page and description. Full color pictures to show how hardware is installed.

Customer comments and build photos
We’ve had many happy customers buy our plans. Check out the comments we’ve received below!

“”I love the Recluse! I am hard on any toy and the Recluse has made it through some amazing things. We have a lot of fun on the weekends just messing around in the neighborhood. Lots of fun to be had here! I would suggest it to any DIY builder that wants a good project. Thanks.” “–Tom

“I purchased your plans some time last year, and I think I’m finally done with the exception of tweaking for more speed. I just wanted to say the plans and the whole job was very enjoyable and very well laid out. The second one is in the process now………….Thank You.” –Bill

“This is a picture of my recluse that I built using your plans. The back end was modified to fit a larger motor and give it more room for the larger hubs and sprockets. The frame was extended to fit a larger person in the cart. I’m 15 years old and made it in my technology class, it took me the entire year to build. I enjoy it a lot and it reached a maximum speed of a 78 KPH with a 6.5 briggs racing motor. Thanks spidercarts…” –Mark

Customization ready
While our plans are very detailed, they are still not “kits.” Most of our customers use the plans as a starting position to launch their own ideas and designs. These plans are a guideline or a basic starting place for the main frame of your project. Virtually all of our customers do some customization of their go karts along the way. We do however give you guidelines to where to buy the hardware for your new frame and what hardware to use. But please note… we Do NOT cover how to put a wheel on or how to bolt on the motor or how to install the tie-rods, as this will be very easy if you can build the frame! The parts only go on one way if you have the frame sitting there.

Video guides add extra help
We want you to be successful with your go kart frame building project, so with every go kart plan we include a set of free helpful guides and extras. We offer access to our highly viewed set of “2 Minute Tek Go Kart Videos”, by our renowned designer Robert Dicken, who explains all the basics and key aspects of go kart construction and design. Check out a sample of the videos below.


Bonus plans included for help and inspiration
We include a couple of free guides of extras to help you on your way in your go kart frame building project.

    • First up, we’ve included a FREE guide to build your own go kart speedometer — you want to know how fast you’re going when you’re tearing around in your new go kart!
    • Secondly, our FREE copy of the Beginner’s Guide to Welding is included with every purchase to get your comfortable around the shop during your go kart frame welding project.
    • Finally, a bonus FREE Quick-Jack plan is included with the purchase of all plans, to clean up the shop and get your go kart off the floor.

Our guarantee
We believe our go kart plans, designs and blueprints are the best in the business and stand by them unconditionally. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products, no questions asked. We are proud of what we do and hope our efforts help you get your go kart built and on the road (or dirt!). Please keep in touch with us as we want to see your results! Good luck, be safe, and have fun!

Buy plan package for extra value
We’ve created packages with all the plans below for extra value. Our customers typically buy all our plans in one of these packages – more ideas and plenty of options as you build your kart!

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