How to Build a Fast Go Kart

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How These Builders Built a Fast Go Kart

YouTuber channel Cars and Cameras has a great series on how to build a fast go kart from top to bottom. They drop in a Predator Go Kart Engine and create an 88 MPH monster! While we wouldn’t vouch for the safety of this kart beast, we certainly had watching the boys build and drive it.

Cars and Cameras does some great builds, and this go kart is no exception – we can learn a lot from them on how to build a go kart that can really put out some speed. The boys faced some typical challenges in kart building, and handled them with aplomb.

Go Kart Frame Choice

They started off with a classic used go kart frame made from steel. Their mission was to create a “Delorean” go kart with a stainless steel look. What they ended up doing was buying a plain steel tubular go kart frame from Go Power Sports, a well respected source for go kart parts. They then sanded it down to make the steel shine, and applied a nice clear coat finish to make it shine. Many of our builders here at spider carts use our go kart plans for similar results.

Fast Go Kart Engine Choice

They decided to drop in one of the higher power go kart engines: the Predator 212CC engine from Harbor Freight. This engine puts out 6.5HP, certainly plenty of power for a standard kart. But watch the video for their techniques to tune their go kart engine to almost double the horsepower.

Fast Go Kart Parts

They ordered the standard selection of go kart parts from Go Power Sports to get the kart built and up and running. They have a standard axle and bearing setup, as the the axle weldments are already installed on the kart.

Driving the Go Kart

Well, the results from the video are pretty clear. The boys reached an amazing top speed of 88 MPH on a closed track. Given the danger, I would DEFINITELY not try this in my karts. But the speed test does show you the potential of how these small little go karts can really go fast. Well done boys!