Go Kart Hydraulic Brakes Setup

Here we show how to set up hydraulic brakes on your go karts.

Setting up Go Kart Hydraulic Brakes

When setting up your go-kart, you need to hydraulic braking systems are a great choice to increase stopping power on larger carts. In this episode of two minute tech, Robert gives us an overview on how to set up and bleed go kart hydraulic brakes. We use disc brakes on the larger karts in our go kart plans, but they can be used in any kind of go kart.

Using hydraulic brakes simply means that instead of using mechanical lines to pull your brake pads close, you’re now using a brake fluid to push the pads close under pressure. This is just like a car or now most mountain bikes with disc brakes.

The brake brake fluid comes from the master cylinder which is placed at the front of the go-kart where your actual pedal is pushing. Wen the pedal is pushed down it pushes fluid through the hydraulic lines into your brake caliper. The caliper squeezes your pads onto your disc, which stops your go kart.

Bleeding The Brakes

“Bleeding” brakes just means that you take the air out of the hydraulic lines, ensuring it is filled with hydraulic fluid so it can compress and push the brake pads closed to stop your cart.

In order to bleed them you need open the bleeder valves and also work the brake pedal. It’s best as a two person operation. You have somebody push down on the front and then you open up a bleeder valve on one side or the other. The air and fluid will come out of the bleeder valve. Once the fluid is running clear, then you need to tighten the bleeder valve back down before the person up front releases the brake.

So the sequence is: push the brake pedal down, release the bleeder valve let the air and fluid come out, tighten down the bleeder valve, and then release the brake pedal. Do that over and over until you get straight fluid out of each side of your bleeder valves.