Go Kart Torque Converter Overview

Here we discuss the aspects of using a torque converter on your cart.

Go Kart Torque Converter Setup

I this episode of SpiderCarts 2-minute tech videos, Robert Dicken talks about how to do a go kart torque converter setup. Torque converters can be used on any of our go kart plans, but are mainly used for the larger engines sizes of the Arachnid or GrandDaddy go karts.

The torque converter is a type of go kart clutch — similar to a centrifugal clutch – that allows easy application of power across the single gear of the go cart engine. Torque converters can handle more power than centrifugal clutches, which is why they are used on more powerful go karts.

As a quick overview of how torque converter works, you see that the cover just held on by four screws. There are four bolts that are tapped into the motor block, so you can attach the entire frame of the centrifugal clutch to the engine.

There is a belt running between two pullies, which are sprung. The pullies flex on their spring as the revolution changes. The primary pulley wheel is connected to the main shaft of the engine. The back pulley, which is connected to chain, expands as the speed increases. This causes the chain to spin faster. Basically it changes the gear ratio, depending on the power and speed of the go-kart.

The chain on a torque converter is connected to the axle just like you would attach a centrifugal clutch. You can see on the video the number forty one chain connects the sprocket from the torque convert to the sprocket. The sprocket is driven by the belt between the two pulleys.

Amazon has a great selection of torque converters which you can find here: Amazon Torque Converters. Basically look for a replacement for the “Comet” torque converter based on the size of converter you want. There are effectively a couple sizes – “30 series” which is the smaller size, and “40 series” which is larger.